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Michelle Duster
Goal of My Writing



As an African American woman, I strongly feel that our story needs to be told by us, or by people who really are aware of our dynamic sensibilities.  Too many times I have seen situations where we are caricatured, stereotyped, marginalized and demonized.  

I have been writing all of my life.  It started in grammar school when I got my first diary in third grade.  From there it blossomed into writing essays in school, working on the school newspaper, then spent many years working as a writer in advertising and marketing.  My ultimate goal has always been to be part of  creating realistic stories and images that represent our truth.

As I've tried many forms of writing, my strongest voice seems to come out as a response to our unique history.  Our ancestors were undeniably strong people, who managed to keep their dignity and pride in the midst of incredible oppression, innumerable obstacles and never-ending insults.  But, through it all, they fought and  triumphed, while raising families, building communities, businesses and traditions of excellence.  That is inspiring to me.

My goal is to highlight the positive contributions African Americans have made to the United States. My work will hopefully be part of a more balanced depiction of the multi-faceted, complete, complex, diverse people that we really are.

Michelle Duster




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