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Michelle Obama's Impact on African American Women and Girls

This edited collection explores how First Lady Michelle Obama gradually expanded and broadened her role by engaging in social, political and economic activities which directly and indirectly impacted the lives of the American people, especially young women and girls. The volume responds to the various representations of Michelle Obama and how the language and images used to depict her either affirmed, offended, represented or misrepresented her and its authors.  It is an interdisciplinary evaluation by African American women and girls of the First Lady’s overall impact through several media, including original artwork and poetry. It also examines her political activities during and post-election 2016. 

(Co-edited with Paula Marie Seniors and Rose C. Thevenin)

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Shifts Anthology


Through short stories, essays, and poems, 35 women from different age groups, geographic locations, marital status, parenting status, professions, and sexual orientations share their experiences of growth as a result of change. This inspirational book highlights the strength of women as their life shifts ultimately lead to increased confidence and internal peace. 

(Co-edited with Trina Sotira, 2015)

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Ida In Her Own Words


The generation of African Americans who had hopes that the end of slavery would be the end of their injustice eloquently documented how those hopes had not come to pass. A small group of four people contributed to a pamphlet entitled The Reason Why the Colored American is not in the World’s Columbian Exposition. Thousands of pamphlets were distributed at the fair. Class Legislation and Lynch Law, written by Ida B. Wells, were two sections included in the pamphlet. The pieces give a glimpse for today's readers to understand the cruelty and hypocrisy of the country at that time.  Michelle Duster and Troy Duster, PhD, descendants of Ida B. Wells, add historical context and personal experiences to help put the work and legacy of Ida B. Wells into perspective. (2008)

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Ida From Abroad


In 1894, Ida B. Wells returned to England where she continued to speak about the lawlessness in the United States. Her column, “Ida B. Wells Abroad,” for The Daily Inter Ocean newspaper and some personal correspondence provide a vivid picture of the challenges, triumphs, alliances and obstacles that Ida B. Wells encountered in her efforts to elicit support from the British to impact change in the United States. Michelle Duster and Troy Duster, PhD, descendants of Ida B. Wells, add historical context and personal experiences to help put the work and legacy of Ida B. Wells into perspective. (2010)

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Tate and His Historic Dream


Tate put off writing his fourth grade history paper until the last minute and would still rather play outside with his friends than work on the paper.  While staring blankly at the picture that includes a group of people who made an impact on the history of the United States, he suddenly finds himself interacting with them.  Through interesting dialogue and questions, Tate learns how these 28 historic African American figures worked together or influenced each other.  As a result of his experience, he is motivated to learn more and feels that he, too, can make a difference.    

(Co-written with Bernard C. Turner, 2015)

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Exploring Our History


Through the activities in Exploring Our History,      4th - 8th grade educators will help students understand that trailblazers and innovators have courage, persistence, confidence and fortitude.  Students will learn the importance of learning their history, following their curiosity, critical thinking, and researching.  These 10 fun and interactive activities meet the needs of diverse learners and increase the level of student engagement and rigor within the learning setting.  The multiple learning activity options support literacy development and are aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

(Co-written with Bernard C. Turner, 2016)

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Chapters Written

Women Building Chicago


 A path breaking reference work that features biographies of more than 400 women who helped build modern day Chicago.  

Chapter written is about Alfreda Duster (Michelle's grandmother)

Rima Lunin Schultz and Adele Hast, Editors

Indiana University Press (2001)

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In Spite of the Double Drawbacks


Examines  the impact of Black women across the

cultural landscape of the United States. 

Chapter title:  My Ancestor, My Inspiration

Matthews, Phillips, Jones, Smith

ABWH (2012)

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